Our Services


We carry out servicing, rebuilding or restorations of Prewar vintage and Postwar classic vehicle components from switchgear, through to wiper motors, from carburetters to gearboxes, the fiddlier and the older the better! 

We can also arrange a removal and refitting service for larger components such as gearboxes using Clouds Hill Classics, a classic vehicle business also in Brixworth. See the link at the top of the page.

Carburetter Restorations

  • All carburetters are stripped and assessed. 
  • They are then cleaned using a sonicating water bath
  • If required, bodies are bead-blasted and thoroughly cleaned, again by sonication. 
  • If a concours or "as new" finish is required, all metal plated parts can be replated. Alternatively, a bare metal finish with some protection from the elements can be recreated which we call our "War Finish".
  • All new seals and gaskets are used, along with new needle jets, all sourced from the original manufacturers of the instrument where possible.
  • We will also attempt to source any missing parts, though we obviously cannot guarantee success in this with rare carburetters!
  • Where new throttle spindles are needed and available, carburetter bodies are drilled to suit new spindle bushes, new bushes are fitted and carefully reamed to ensure a smooth operation of the new spindle and butterfly.
  • Communication is our key focus so we will keep you abreast of how the process is proceeding and highlight any issues as we go along.
  • If required we can also document the whole process by photographing each stage of the process.

Gearbox Rebuilds

  • Gearboxes are stripped and assessed
  • All parts are cleaned and examined for wear
  • All new bearings will be sourced from quality manufacturers, we will not use pattern parts
  • All new seals are used, again from quality sources
  • Any parts that require replacement will be sourced from original manufacturers or original suppliers where possible
  • We will communicate with your throughout the process to ensure that you agree with all the decisions made
  • As with the carburetters, if required for your own records, we will photograph key stages of the process and share these with you.

Fiddly Projects

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a project that you think we can deal with (or one that think that we can't for that matter!), we can have a look at it for you and see if it is something that we can tackle!

Parts Pricing

We don't currently add anything to the prices of parts that we use, we simply pass the cost to us on to you (including any discounts we receive!). Alternatively, if you have a cheaper source of quality parts and want to supply them to us for fitting that is fine too. We will also attempt to source rare, obsolete or second hand parts for you but will keep you informed throughout so that there are no surprises once the invoice arrives!

Labour Charges

Being immersed in the pre-war and classic world, it makes sense for us to follow-suit on our method for tracking labour charges on customer projects so we use an old-school clocking-in machine for carefully logging hours spent on each project. Every project will have a different card which we punch in and punch out of the machine when we start and stop work on it. This all sounds extremely organised but it is simply because I have a terrible memory and want to make absolutely sure that every customer receives accurate timings on their project!